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Whether you want to get a piece of artwork from AI artist Flora? We've got you covered with statues of the most aesthetically-pleasing works, and each one is unique and unbelievable.

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Thanks for visiting 1SecondPainting. Our AI artwork is unbelievable, and our team of engineers has built the new standard-- generating artificial intelligence art on demand. The authenticity of every AI painting we sell is highly-valued, which is why we offer certificates of uniqueness to back up your purchase.

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We've created millions of beautifully lifelike, detail-rich paintings that will turn your home into a work of art. Our AI artist, Flora, can churn out masterpieces accurately and quickly without ever feeling flat. 1SecondPainting understands your budget just as well. And in our eyes, that means cutting out additional fees and saving you hundreds of dollars per painting with AI artwork. Our staff is made up of artists, engineers, and people with a genuine love for the arts. 1SecondPainting has built our company culture around empowerment and preparing future employees by teaching them everything they need to know about how to be successful in this industry!

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you want to be the coolest business on the block? With our unique AI artwork, 1SecondPainting's got your back. When you purchase an AI painting from 1SecondPainting, we work hard to ensure that each customer receives the perfect product. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure your package is delivered on-time anywhere in the world.

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Our team believes in transparency. Any verified painting purchases are instantly deleted from our database once you've purchased them, to ensure the uniqueness of your artwork. Our hiring program is renowned for selecting only the most talented artists in our country. Our team of die-hard, passionate designers and experts live, breathe and eat art.

Modern Artwork.

Whether you're a large corporate chain or a new homeowner looking to spruce up their bare walls, 1secondpainting is your answer. Large corporations and small-time customers are our specialty. 1SecondPainting has partnered with dozens of companies across North America to create more than 3,000 AI landscapes for you.

Realistic Patterns.

1SecondPainting doesn't just provide AI artwork. We also offer a flourishing marketplace for human-created commission work as well. Our goal is not to eliminate human art, but to empower it with tools and technology and make the human ability to create even better. We take special care to make sure you're taken care of throughout your purchase. We do so with our excellent customer service and shipping options!

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Our engineering team's passion for AI artwork bloomed after over a dozen years of experimentations. We saw an opportunity in the deep learning boom of early 2010s, and when we developed our very first generative adversarial network from that new technology, Flora was born. After helping thousands of people get beautiful, easily affordable artwork in record time, 1SecondPainting is exploding. We're constantly growing both our customer base and our team. Want a job? Submit your resume!

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We offer more affordable options to you. Whether you're looking for digital art, canvas prints, or any other form of artwork, we promise the quality and service will be superior. 1SecondPainting works hard to maximize the quality of AI generative artwork. We update our artist regularly and are on the hunt for new techniques to make our art even better.

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As the leading AI art company out there, 1SecondPainting is constantly working to improve our machine learning capabilities and generate more accurate artwork for our customers. As of now, we're looking into making human full-body pose generation more realistic so that we can create a new type of art for you to enjoy.

Talented Engineers

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No matter what you're looking for, 1SecondPainting will take care of you. If you are a commercial developer or real estate agent in need of low cost artwork, have no fear! We're committed to delivering high quality, affordable AI artwork for everyone. Customers who purchase from us will receive the best pricing on upcoming paintings as our models grow more sophisticated and our team learns more about what makes a customer happy.

Our engineers are skilled, passionate, and committed to ethical AI. As we continue to grow every painting generated is a powerful representation of our team's dedication to long-term growth.

With Flora, our resident AI artist, making beautiful paintings is easier than ever before. When you purchase an AI painting from 1SecondPainting, you get a second canvas sized painting for half the price! We have a digital download option so you can share your art on the go. Check out our AI upscaling tech and get downloads of 3800x3800 resolution to create amazing prints at home or take with you wherever!

Each of our paintings is a unique, one-of-a-kind design. Buy with us and get the best AI artwork today!

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