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Flora, our super-dooper-artificial-intelligence artist, creates thousands of stunning pieces of art in minutes. Don't miss out on getting your own - get yours now!


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If you're looking for some great artwork or look forward to receiving future AI art, make sure to stop by 1SecondPainting. With incredible modern painting experiences coming in droves, we're the perfect place for your temporary or permanent piece of art. To get started, simply create a painting using our interactive painting generator (at the top of the page). Pick your favorite artwork style and we'll create an AI painting for you. Unique is important to our customers. All AI paintings sold by 1SecondPainting are verified, so you can always trust that your painting is 100% authentic and unique!

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1SecondPainting has thousands of beautiful pieces that are just like the ones from our artists in art history. We've generated millions of beautiful pieces, and we're never out of ideas! 1SecondPainting is committed to providing art that is aimed at fulfilling your every need. We work with a global fortune 500 company, and have the unique ability to provide stunning artwork at an affordable price! Our staff is filled with artists, engineers, and people with a genuine passion for the arts. We've built our company culture around empowering art and art history. Tomorrow we're looking to add more great personalities to our team! Interested in joining us? Send your resume today

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you need fresh, original artwork for your commercial space? We've got you covered at 1SecondPainting! No matter how much you spend, you can count on our shipping team to deliver. Before your package ships, our team will test to ensure each painting arrives in perfect condition.

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We believe in being open and honest about what is in our database. Your purchased paintings are never shared with anyone, not even us. Our famous recruitment practices have a 100% success rate on bringing in only the most talented AI artwork specialists in their respective fields. Our team is composed of die-hard, passionate engineers and designers who live, breathe, and eat art.

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At 1SecondPainting, our team is committed to building relationships with every person and company. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home or need some high quality, long lasting digital artwork for your business establishment, we cover anything related to AI art! 1SecondPainting has partnered with dozens of companies, real estate agents, and homeowners across North America to provide you with the best quality AI artwork delivered right to your doorstep.

Realistic AI Artwork.

1SecondPainting offers many different services. Beyond AI art paintings, we offer excellent commission artwork as well, with the goal of making every human artist even more effective and working toward a better society. We're always on the ball when it comes to customer service. Our team works hard to provide top-notch products and services for our art customers, from order to shippment.

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With AI painting growing exponentially, we saw an opportunity to make our way in the competition. This led to hiring Flora, the first AI artist for 1SecondPainting. After helping thousands of people get low-cost, beautiful artwork, 1SecondPainting is growing faster than ever. We're constantly growing both our customer base and our team. When looking for a place to work? Submit your resume today!

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We offer cheap and reliable alternative to expensive artwork for your hotel, office, or conference. We always focus on maximizing the quality of artificial intelligence artwork. 1SecondPainting is dedicated to improving the quality of our artist, Flora, by continuously training her and refining our art collection.

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As one of the leading AI artwork companies across the world, our team is working on ways to make human full-body pose generation more realistic. We want to bring in a new class of artwork that can enrich our customers' life experiences.

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Let the fun and thrill continue. At 1SecondPainting, we're always raising the bar for quality artwork. By becoming a repeat customer, you'll get discount codes that make our products affordable to everyone.

Our engineers serve as the backbone of our company. All of their efforts are aimed at providing a sustainable way for us to grow. We know that each and every painting we generate helps us in this monumental task.

Flora, our AI-artist has been able to create paintings with incredible detail that we're confident you'll love. You can buy a canvas painting for yourself and get a smaller version of the same size at 50% off! We don't just offer physical paintings - 1SecondPainting has a digital download feature as well! After all, we have some of the most detailed variants of our AI paintings available. Save photos immediately, without needing to print them out yourself. Use our upscaling technology and download prints with resolutions of 3800 x3800 dpi (don't worry - they won't take too much space on your

All of our paintings are unique and diverse. We offer pricing that's cheap, affordable, and cost efficient.

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