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Looking for quality AI artwork? Just ask 1SecondPainting to create your perfectly unique painting. With our AI artist, Flora, we always have paintings available in a wide variety of abstract art styles. Whatever you're looking for - be it portrait, landscape, or computer font art - there's likely to be something perfect for you here!


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Here at 1SecondPainting, we’re committed to providing a fantastic checkout experience for our customers. When you purchase an AI painting, your shipping is alsways fast and convenient. Whether you're looking for AI landscape art, AI abstract art or AI portrait art, take a look at what we've got! Just create your masterpiece on the spot using our interactive painting generator and our AI artist, Flora, will begin creating an intricately beautiful piece of art for you in a snap. Unique creations and products are important to our customers. All AI paintings sold by 1SecondPainting are verifiedly unique, and we offer certificates of uniqueness to verify authenticity with every purchase.

High Quality AI Artwork

Affordable Designs

We've generated millions of high quality, detailed paintings. With our resident AI artist Flora, we're creating art that never used to be created quickly--instead using a painstaking amount of time. 1SecondPainting is mindful of your budget. Our AI paintings are always cheap and cost-efficient, working with multinational hospitality chains to give people an affordable way to decorate their homes. Our team consists of artists and engineers, and we're filled with intelligent people who are too creative to be contained by a 9-to-5 schedule. We encourage creativity within the workplace, and have built a creative work culture around enriching the arts and offering rewarding careers. Do you want your foot in our door? 1SecondPainting wants to hear from you!

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you want to show off your brand with beautiful, detailed artwork for your walls? 1SecondPainting can help! Our team puts a lot of attention into shipping each of our pieces to our customers promptly and in great condition. When you purchase a painting from 1SecondPainting, we promise to go above and beyond for each customer--we do everything in our power to make sure your package arrives on-time and intact!

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AI Artwork.

We believe in transparency which is why we delete any verified painting purchases from our database, to ensure the uniqueness of your artwork. At 1SecondPainting, our artist search criteria are legendary. Our team consists of passionately driven artists who are equally skilled in software engineering and design work.

Modern Artwork.

1SecondPainting focuses on providing impeccable customer service for everyone who walks in our door. Whether you're a large corp or a individual looking to purchase an AI painting, 1SP offers the highest quality, most reliable pieces of art that exist on the internet. We've partnered with dozens of companies, real estate agents, homeowners to provide our customers with the best and most intricate AI illustration.

Realistic AI Artwork.

1SecondPainting is not just about AI artwork. We also provide a prosperous ecosystem for human-created commission work - our goal is to support the skill and quality of both so that they can coexist together in success. 1SecondPainting takes significant time and effort to ensure you're taken care of on our end. We work hard in the shop and delivery process so that your experience with us is spectacular.

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Our passion for AI artwork started over ten years ago, when our engineers first began experimenting with programmatic generative art. Our engineers saw a need in the deep learning boom of the early 2010s, and they instantly knew what to do - Flora could be brought into being! After helping thousands of people get low-cost, beautiful artwork, 1SecondPainting is growing faster than ever. We're constantly growing both our customer base and our team. Looking for a job? Submit a resume!

Responsive Team

We offer great alternatives to traditional artwork. From hotels, offices, and more, our team will create and print on whatever you need for an affordable price. Whether you're looking for AI landscape art, AI abstract art, or AI portrait art, 1SecondPainting will take care of you. We've used our incredible AI artist Flora to create thousands upon thousands of stunning pieces, and we plan on creating more.

Efficient Delivery

At 1SecondPainting, we're at the forefront of AI generated artwork. We've come a long way since our company has been around for over 2 years. With every single day that passes, our team is just as motivated as ever to innovate and create incredible paintings for our customers.

Talented Engineers

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Whether you're looking for cost efficient artwork for a commercial development project or an affordable basket gift for clients, 1SecondPainting has what you need. We work hard to keep our art affordable. Maybe you'll even get a discount on your next purchase!

Our engineers are ethical and committed to providing long-term growth for 1SecondPainting. At the heart of our mission is creating high quality paintings that reflect who we are.

With Flora, our resident AI artist, creating beautiful paintings has never been easier than today. Upgrade your AI painting to get more for your money and have a piece half the size! Have you seen the amazing resolution of 1SecondPainting's digital downloads? Have you checked out our AI scaling technology?

Each one of our paintings features a unique, meaningful design produced by our resident AI artist Flora. Go unique with us and buy an item that has never been seen before.

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