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Here at 1SecondPainting, we work hard to provide our customers with an interesting and amazing AI experience. We're always committed to providing a second-to-none experience for all our customers. Make a beautiful AI artwork in the form of a painting with our simple interactive power tool. After 1 second, click 'BUY,' and you'll have your own amazing artificial intelligence artwork to share with the world!

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We've generated millions of high quality, detailed fake paintings over the years. Our AI artist can only create what it takes earlier generations of artists months at best to do in minutes, and our team knows just when to crank out new material. 1SecondPainting carefully values your money and ensures that our products have a low cost while still being realistic. Our team is composed of engineers, artists, and people that care deeply about the arts. At 1SecondPainting, we've built a company culture around finding new employees with a genuine passion for their work and putting in effort to give them opportunities.

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No matter the size of your business, 1SecondPainting has you covered. Attempting to run a commercial or personal one? We've got you covered. Our shipping team focuses on delivering consistent, reliable results. When you purchase a painting from 1SecondPainting, we promise to go above and beyond for each customer, and we do everything in our power to ensure you get your package in on-time and in pristine form.

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We're committed to transparency. Any verified paintings purchased from 1SecondPainting will be instantly deleted from our database, ensuring your piece is unique. Our hiring program is legendary for only picking the best in the industry. Every member of our team is a creative and optimistic worker, dedicated to producing amazing artwork.

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1SecondPainting has been committed to building relationships with our customers since we first launched in 2010. Whether you're a large corporate chain, or a new homeowner looking to spruce up their bare walls, 1SecondPainting has art for everyone! We've partnered with dozens of companies, real estate agents, and homeowners across North America to provide you with the best and most intense AI artwork delivered directly to your door.

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1SecondPainting has been dedicated to providing beautiful AI work that is not only affordable, but also visually stunning. We're committed to our customers and providing excellent customer service. If you take a look at your purchase, from order to shipment, we make sure things run as smoothly as possible for you.

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Our passion for AI artwork started over a dozen years ago, when our engineers first began experimenting with programmatic generative art. We saw an opportunity in the deep learning boom of the early 2010s, and this was the starting point of Flora's programming as it is today. After helping thousands of people get beautiful, cost-effective artwork, 1SecondPainting is thriving and growing at an astonishing rate. Want to come work for us? Here's our contact information!

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We're a great way to get that gorgeous commission commissioned artwork without the hefty price tag like it would be with a traditional artist. 1SecondPainting is committed to maximizing the quality of AI generative artwork. We're constantly improving on our resident painter Flora, and are always looking for new ways improve our art pieces!

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As one of the top AI artwork companies around, 1SecondPainting has created incredible paintings for decades. Currently, our team is working on ways to make realistic human full-body poses which will create a new class of AI artworks that people can enjoy.

Talented Engineers

From the beginning, the 1SecondPainting team has been committed to ensuring that all of our implementations of AI in art and design are ethical and sustainable. To keep up with new developments in AI-related technologies, our team consults with leading ethicists to determine how we can provide a positive impact on both businesses and customers while also growing into one of this industry's top providers.

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If you're a professional looking for AI created pieces of art at cheap prices, or a real estate agent who wants to give your clients an affordable gift basket, 1SecondPainting is right here with the best price possible! We're committed to constantly raising the bar for high-quality, affordable art. Since our AI artist models are continually changing, we always offer a discount on future products. Come join us today!

1SecondPainting hires and trains the most dedicated employees who care about their workspace and the people around them. Every time 1SecondPainting generates an AI painting, our entire company is built upon its success.

With Flora, our resident AI artist, creating beautiful paintings has never been easier! One canvas for half the price! They offer a digital download feature that can be used to make stunning, really high quality prints of your prized AI painting.

Our AI-generated, cutting-edge paintings give you a unique, unique design that's never been seen before. Buy the funky new creations at 1SecondPainting today.

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