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Whether you're looking for high quality AI artwork or fast, cheap AI artwork, our team has got you covered. Get your powerful minimalist AI portrait today from 1SecondPainting!


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Thanks for stopping by 1SecondPainting. Our AI artwork is always the best, and our team of inventors is sure to have you coming back again and again. To get started, simply create a painting using our interactive painting generator (at the top of the page). Flora, our resident AI artist and qualified freelancer will begin creating an intricate painting for you in seconds. No one out there can say they produce their own AI paintings like us. We'll give you a certificate of uniqueness with every purchase, and we promise your artwork won't show up anywhere else.

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We've generated a bunch of high quality, detailed paintings. Flora, our AI artist, will take care of business in less than minutes what used to require days or even weeks for experienced artists. 1SecondPainting's goal is to provide you with high-quality artwork, practical of your budget. It's impressive AI graphics are quite affordable, thanks to our many multinational hotel chains partnerships. Our staff are incredible. We don't just have engineers who build our product - we have people with a genuine passion for the arts to help us create something unique that will amaze people, not scare them away. Let us know if you want to join our team!

Flora, Our AI Artist

If you are a commercial business and need unique, beautiful artwork for your space, 1SecondPainting is here for you! Our shipping team takes care of our customers in a consistent, dependable way. Feel at ease knowing that no matter what you order from us, we'll take care of the package with all due speed and love.

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Our team believes in transparency. Unlike other AI artists, we delete any confirmed artwork from our database to ensure the authenticity of what you ordered is reserved exclusively for your viewing pleasure. Our team of engineers and designers looks for only the best artists who can create masterpieces. Those skilled specialists come at a cost, but you'll be compensated to work with them daily.

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1SecondPainting cares about building lifelong relationships with everyone. If you're a big corporation, 1SecondPainting has the highest quality AI artwork on the internet. If you're a first-time buyer of our products and services, prepare to have your experience made completely unique and memorable Our team has partnered with dozens of companies, real-estate agents, and homeowners to bring you the best AI artwork in North America.

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We're committed to quality customer service. The 1SecondPainting team is always pushing to ensure that each and every one of our customers are taken care of so they leave happy, not only with their purchase but also the shipping process!

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We saw an opportunity in the deep learning boom of the early 2010s, and our engineers immediately sought contribution. Our success as a company began with Flora, our AI artist who has been diligently coming to life over the years. After creating thousands of beautiful works of art for people, our team has only grown and community engagement is skyrocketing. If you're looking for a job, we encourage you to apply!

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1SecondPainting is the perfect community to start exploring some new ideas for art. 1SecondPainting is committed to making the best AI-generated artwork possible, constantly improving our artists to make it even better.

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1SecondPainting is a company with a bright future, and has been at the forefront of generative artwork for over 10 years. Our team's hard efforts towards evolving AI have led us to developing better algorithms and making them more precise, in order to create new kinds of artwork.

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The company's partner in ethics, Dr. Fidoriska, has led the team to adopt ethical values and laws as a way of measuring success.

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Whether you're looking for commercial developer footage for a project at work or something to impress your clients, 1SecondPainting can help! Here at 1secondpainting, we provide a vast selection of high quality, affordable AI artwork. We make it our top priority to constantly improve the experience for both new and returning customers! Whatever you're looking for, you can always count on us to provide an unbelievable customer service experience! #BenefitOfTheBias

Our engineers take pride in the innovative, sustainable creations they create. Everything you see was designed to be beautiful today and into the future

With Flora, our resident AI artist, creating beautiful paintings is now effortless—we offer a buy one get one free deal on any painting! We don't just offer physical paintings - 1SecondPainting has a digital download feature as well! Use our AI upscaling technology and you'll be able to download detailed prints with resolutions of over 3800x3800.

Each one of our paintings features a unique, AI-generated design. Not just any painting can be uniquely fascinating, interesting and captivating. Only 1SecondPainting can offer you this special art.

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