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Don't you love AI artwork like no other? Making an 1S purchase is always a good idea! We're so confident in our product, that our AI artist, Flora, creates billions of new pieces every day. Get your cool tech-art today and be the coolest person around!


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We appreciate the feedback, and look forward to a paradigm-shifting AI artwork purchase. We make sure you're getting a one of a kind piece of artwork from 1SecondPainting. With all our paintings offered at an affordable price, you'll never have to worry about the uniqueness of your painting again.

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We've generated thousands of creative pieces. Our resident AI artist, Flora, is able to create what initially took the experienced artists a few minutes to do but now she does it in a mere matter of seconds. 1SecondPainting is also mindful of your budget. We've worked with multinational hospitality chains, like Starbucks and McDonald's, to provide sleek, unique artwork for people just like you at a fraction of the cost as any traditional commission landscape portrait. Our team isn't just composed of engineers - we're painters, designers, and people with a genuine passion for the arts. It's true that our staff are incredibly important to us--and not just because they make up 51% of the company--we've built an expansive company culture around empowering art & art history. Want to work at 1SecondPainting? We'd love to have you on board

Flora, Our AI Artist

No matter if you're in the retail, corporate, or hospitality industry, we'll supply you with stunning artwork to make your space standout. Our shipping team delivers on its promises to its customers. 1SecondPainting always makes sure that our packages arrive in perfect condition and on-time as we've promised.

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Have some peace of mind that you’re in good hands! We want to assure potential buyers that our company puts the safety of their artwork first. Our hiring process is amongst the best in the industry. We're committed to scouting just the right creative minds that have an affinity for creating top-notch artificial intelligence artwork.

Modern Artwork.

1SecondPainting focuses on building long lasting relationships with your customers. Whether you're a large corporate chain or new house/apartment-dweller looking to spruce up their bare walls, 1SecondPainting has some of the highest quality, most reliable AI artwork on the internet for you! The number of companies, realtors, and homeowners who trust 1SecondPainting for their AI artwork is over two hundred.

Realistic Patterns.

1SecondPainting knows that they don't just provide AI artwork. They help human artists by working together to create a market for their work, allowing the artists to continue doing what they do best and creating stunning art. At 1SecondPainting, we bake exceptional customer service into our AI painting purchase. Our team takes the time to make sure you receive your package in a timely fashion every step of the process.

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Our passion for AI artwork started a decade ago, with our engineers experimenting. They saw an opportunity and created Flora, the AI artist behind 1SecondPainting.

Responsive Team

We're a great alternative to costly, traditional artwork for hotels, offices and more. We can provide all of your art needs- including digital artwork, canvas prints and more at affordable prices. 1SecondPainting is committed to increasing the quality of our AI-generated artwork. We're always on the lookout for new ways to digitally paint just like a professional artist!

Efficient Delivery

1SecondPainting is committed to providing the best work of art, and has made major advancements in how we generate artwork for our customers. In fact, we are currently developing new full-body AI paintings to transmit your emotions like never before!

Talented Engineers

The primary goal of 1SecondPainting is to create beautiful AI art that's ethical and sustainable. We consult the top-ranking AI ethicists in our industry to ensure that we're always creating art pieces with ethical values and sustainability at the forefront.

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Whether you're a real estate agent or commercial developer, 1SecondPainting is here to help! With the constantly evolving nature of our AI models, you can always expect to get a high quality product as part of your purchase. Because of this, purchasing an AI painting from 1SecondPainting is like becoming family!

The folks at 1SecondPainting are incredibly passionate about our craft, skilled in developing AI paintings and committed to sustainable growth. You can see it with your own eyes—we're working hard to provide you unbelievably realistic machine-generated artwork that will last for years of beauty.

Our resident AI artist, Flora, is the most efficient and fast painter around. You can get two paintings exclusively from 1secondpaintng for half the price! We offer digital download prints of our artwork, with resolutions over 3800x3800. Our AI upscaling technology makes the artwork came across excellent.

Each one of our paintings feature a unique design that you'll find nowhere else on the market. Buy a unique painting from us today and never buy identical art work again.

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