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How about some beautiful, high-quality AI artwork? Our resident artist Flora creates hundreds of pieces a day in minutes, and every single one is worth the price that's right for you. Get yours today!


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Thanks for stopping by 1SecondPainting! Our team of engineers has built a strong reputation as the premier AI generative artists. To get started, simply create an AI painting using our interactive art generator (at the top of the page). You're going to have a great time playing with our realistic and accurate artificial intelligence artists. Flora, our resident AI artist, will start creating an exquisite work of art for you in seconds. Unique artwork is important for all of our clients. Our paintings are time-tested to be unique, and we have a certificate of authenticity with each commissioned piece.

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Affordable Designs

We've generated thousands of high quality, detailed paintings. If you're looking for the next great piece of art, Flora is always cooking up something extraordinary! Here at 1SecondPainting, we work with various multinationals to offer limited-edition artwork for your home or office at a low cost. Our staff is made up of artists, engineers, and more! We've built a company with a culture for funding and supporting the arts. Have you got some free time? Apply to work at 1SecondPainting today!

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you want to make some original, eye-catching artwork for your workspace or commercial space? Our team will take care of you. Our team sticks to our tried-and-true policy of providing quick and reliable shipping. When you purchase an AI painting at 1SecondPainting, we promise a fast delivery and beyond; we'll go the extra mile to get your package out on time and in pristine condition.

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We value our artists, so all of our AI-generated artwork is completely unique. On top of that, verified purchased paintings are instantly deleted from their database, so your purchase is one-of-a-kind. 1SecondPainter's incredible search algorithm analyzes over 100 points of data and is built for pinpoint accuracy. Our team believes in finding the best artists available and making them a part of our family.

Modern Artwork.

1SecondPainting focuses on building long-lasting relationships with every one of our clients. Whether you're a large corporate chain or homes looking to spruce up their bare walls, we have the highest quality and reliable AI artwork online. We wanted to make sure that all of our customers' artificial intelligence paintings are delivered quickly. We've partnered with dozens-even if they're a customer's architect, real estate agent, or employer.

Realistic Patterns.

1SecondPainting not only provides you with AI-generated artwork, but also a wide variety of humanist pieces. We don't want to reduce humans to being the art industry's machines. Instead, we aim to better professionalize and market human creativity alongside that of artificial intelligence so that the artists are always on top. You can count on our incredible team when it comes to providing exceptional customer service. From order delivery, to receipt of your package, you'll always get the best service around with 1SecondPainting.

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Our passion for AI-generated artwork stems back to a decade ago, when our team first began experimenting with programmatic generative art. We saw an opportunity in the increasing prevalence of deep learning and neural networks at the time, and it all became possible thanks to Flora's ability to develop abstract paintings by processing real input data. After helping thousands of people get low-cost, beautiful artwork, 1SecondPainting is growing faster than ever. We're constantly growing our team and customer base alike. Want a place to work? Submit your resume to us!

Responsive Team

We provide customized artificial intelligence artwork to hotels, offices, and more - without the expensive commissioning price tag. Our team designs cards, murals, digital paintings, canvas prints and so much more for some of the cheapest prices around. 1SecondPainting prioritizes the quality of their AI art for maximum benefit. They are constantly on the lookout and improving Infinity, their AI artist, and always looking to improve in any way possible!

Efficient Delivery

As one of the world's leading AI artwork companies, 1SecondPainting is committed to providing the best for our customers. Our company has been training on ways to make human full-body pose generation more accurate, so we can be ready for new type of art for our adoring customers.

Talented Engineers

The site concentrates on expertly produced AI artwork that meets professional standards of ethical employment for design and engineering.

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Our team of highly skilled, talented artists has a very ethical approach to the art markets. With every painting your buy, you'll see that 1SecondPainting moves forward with its head held high.

With Flora, resident AI artist, we can all have fun now creating beautiful paintings. It's much easier because of our special canvas promotions! 1Senaoning is also the place to find fantastic digital copies of your AI upsized prints for your friends and family.

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