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Whether you’re looking for high-quality AI artwork, or just want to dazzle your friends and family with a cool painting on their walls, 1SecondPainting has the perfect product for you.


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Thanks for stopping by 1SecondPainting! Our team of engineers has built a technologically advanced reputation, and will continue to offer fantastic AI artwork. For starters, go ahead and create an AI painting today. Flora will begin creating an intricate painting for you in seconds. What's most important to our clients? It's the rich, vibrant placement of colors and artistic effects. We insure that all AI paintings sold by 1SecondPainting are verifiedly unique and gentle clips back on every purchase.

High Quality AI Artwork

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We've generated hundreds of thousands of high-quality, meticulous paintings. Define your imagination with our constantly expanding collection, and expect masterpiece in minutes. 1SecondPainting also has your back with budget-conscious prices. Just work with us to provide unique, one-of-a-kind AI abstract art pieces just for you. · Our staff aren’t just developers/coders. We are painters, designers, and people with a genuine passion for the arts. As long as you take pride in your work, we have an opportunity waiting for you!

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you want high-quality artwork that grants your business a new, beautiful character? 1SecondPainting is the perfect artistic fit! No matter what you're planning on painting from 1SecondPainting, we guarantee you it will come to your door on time and in pristine condition. We'll do everything that we can for each customer to make sure they're satisfied with their purchase.

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AI Artwork.

Our team believe in transparency. Any verified paintings purchased by us are deleted from our database so you can be confident they'll always only be yours. Our hiring program is renowned for selecting only the best generative artwork specialists in the country. Our die-hard, passionate team consists of some of the top engineers and designers around.

Modern Artwork.

1SecondPainting is committed to retaining customers for years on end, no matter their business size. Whether you're a large pasty company or someone just looking to spruce up their home's walls with beautiful landscaping art, we're the place that you can trust. 1SecondPainting has partnered with dozens of companies, realtors, and homeowners across North America to provide you with the best as well as most intricate AI artwork delivered to your door.

Realistic AI Artwork.

1SecondPainting doesn't just care about artificial intelligence artwork. We also provide a way to commission human artists, and even support them with technologies and tools so they can make themselves the hardest worker in the market! The 1SecondPainting team takes special care to ensure you're taken of, from order to shipment.

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After helping thousands of people get low-cost, beautiful artwork, 1SecondPainting is growing faster than ever. We're constantly growing our customer base and our team. Looking for a place to work? Why not submit your resume?

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We are a great alternative to costly commission artwork and our work isn't limited to hotels, offices, or more. Get tailored commissions from us for you and your company or just ask us for some companionship in both style and price. 1SecondPainting always strives to provide the most satisfying experience possible. We're improving our AI artist, Flora, and search for ways to make this service great. At 1SecondPainting, we're committed to maximizing the quality of AI generative artwork.

Efficient Delivery

We are committed to taking AI artwork from art where it was visible only as an artist's painting to creating amazing, lifelike paintings that anyone and everyone can own.

Talented Engineers

1SecondPainting has been committed to ethical and sustainable AI-generated art from the beginning. We're always looking for effective ways to grow our models, and we keep in close contact with top AI ethicists to make sure our team stays on track.

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No matter what type of project you're working on, we can help you. We offer affordable art that's never disappointing! As our models continue to learn and evolve, you're getting special coupons and discounts on future purchases- becoming part of the family will make your bank account feel good!

Our team members are dedicated to their work. They have immense passion, and an extreme level of technology knowledge, which you can always feel the effects of. Just one glance at 1SecondPainting's constantly developing painting styles say it all.

With Flora, our home-grown AI artist, creating beautiful paintings is easier now than ever before. Buying a canvas painting is so easy in fact that your second one will be half the price!

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