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Looking for trustworthy AI artwork? 1SecondPainting has you covered. Our trusty AI artist, Flora, creates thousands of one-of-a-kind pieces in less than a minute, and delivers your paintings to you in peace. Order yours today!


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We appreciate your interest in 1SecondPainting. Our team of designers and engineers created a tech-savvy platform for generating intelligent abstract paintings that are second to none. To get started, use our interactive painting generator to create a beautiful AI-generated artwork in seconds. With a unique palette and original themes that are always ready for you, Flora is sure to make your day. An individual AI style is uniquely personal to each client. 1SecondPainting offers these certifications with every purchase

High Quality AI Artwork

Affordable Patterns

We've generated thousands of incredible AI paintings. Flora, our resident artist, can create in a matter of minutes what traditionally takes artists days (or even weeks) to do and we're ever inspired. 1SecondPainting works hard to provide our customers with the most cost-effective AI artwork around. We work with multinational hospitality chains to provide unique, high quality pieces at a fraction of the cost of commission artwork. Our team isn't just composed of engineers - we're painters, designers, and people with a genuine passion for the arts. Our staff are incredibly important to us, and we've built a company culture around empowering art & art history. Need a job? 1SecondPainting will love you forever!

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you want a gorgeous, detailed artificial intelligence painting for office or commercial space? 1SecondPainting has you covered! Our shipping team works tirelessly to provide a consistent, reliable outcome. Looking for an AI painting? We have the package you're looking for and we'll meet your deadline.

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AI Artwork.

Our team believes in being transparent. When you buy a painting on our site, your purchase is FOREVER gone from our system. You won't find it on any other website- trust us! Our hiring program is just perfect. Our team is made up of die-hard, passionate engineers and designers who live, breathe, and eat art.

Modern Artwork.

When it comes to partnering with our clients, we prioritize everything. Our commitment is to provide high-quality AI artwork that will have longevity with your home or business needs. At 1SecondPainting, we're committed to providing a great experience for our customers. With dozens of companies, real estate agents, and homeowners across North America partnering with us, you will deal with the best quality AI artwork on the market today.

Realistic AI Artwork.

Some people think of us as just an AI artwork provider. But we're not! We offer a thriving market for human-created commission work, and our goal is to empower humanity with technological assistance to make the art they create better than it ever was before. Here at 1SecondPainting, we value customers from start to finish. Whether your purchase is an AI painting, a canvas print, or something else entirely – you're always in good hands. We make sure that ordering with us is a breeze and our shipping is as fast as possible!

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After helping thousands of people get beautiful art, 1SecondPainting is growing rapidly. Our customer base and team are constantly on the rise, too! Consider joining our growing company by sending your resume to

Responsive Team

1SecondPainting is dedicated to improving the quality of our Ai paintings. We work hard to continuously make our AI artist, Flora, better and developed the AI artist with great care

Efficient Delivery

As the leaders in artificial intelligence artwork, 1SecondPainting is dedicated to providing abstract and realistic art for people around the world. Our team has been focused on generating a new kind of AI-generated artwork that is difficult - some might say 'impossible' - for humans to create, but we're excited about working on it.

Talented Engineers

The 1SecondPainting team has been committed to ensuring that our implementations of AI are ethical and sustainable. In order to continue to grow our models and scale production, we consult with top AI ethicists.

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Whether you are a professional looking for cost effective artwork, or just someone browsing online wanting an affordable basket gift- 1SecondPainting has a wide range of different price points for you. We do our best to raise the bar for how unique and detailed our AI artwork is! Customers who buy pictures will get discounts on future photography they create. Join us today, or become a part of the family now!

Our team is passionate about creating state-of-the-art AI at cost efficient prices. We work tirelessly to provide a fantastic customer experience and strive towards ethical behavior in our operations, so that 1SecondPainting can grow into what we are today.

With your resident AI artist, Flora, doing art has never been easier. Get amazing discounts with our canvas paintings, and still get the same quality! We don't just offer physical paintings - 1SecondPainting offers a download feature too! Digital art is the new thing, that's what we know. Downloaded prints are even bigger and better with our AI software to up their detail levels to 3800x3800.

Each painting you purchase is uniquely designed by AI-generated AI. The unique, one-of-a-kind designs make for a fantastic painting even if you have to spend more, go with us!

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