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At 1SecondPainting, we provide high quality AI artwork as well at amazing prices. No need to worry about ordering the wrong painting--Flora generates thousands of beautiful paintings in minutes every day and they're all unique and one-of-a-kind!

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Thanks for coming to 1SecondPainting's website! Our AI technology is second-to-none, and our devoted team of creative engineers have achieved a moderate reputation for cutting-edge generative art. To get started, simply create a painting using our interactive paint generator (three lines at the top of the page). Uniqueness is important to our customers. We've gone above and beyond to ensure each of our AI paintings are hand-drawn, a real novelty that'll have your friends saying 'wow.'

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We’ve generated millions of beautifully detailed AI paintings for you. 1SecondPainting has an endless stream of ideas and we will never be short on painting opportunities. 1SecondPainting is mindful of budgets. We work with multinational hospitality chains to provide sleek, unique artwork at a fraction of the price of traditional commission artwork that other companies have you pay for. We're committed to ensuring that our employees can develop artistic skills and expand their creative visions. Basically, become an artist with us! 1SecondPainting is a company built on finding different ways for our team members to make art - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you want unique, beautiful artwork for all of your commercial spaces? 1SecondPainting is here to help! At 1SecondPainting, we work hard to provide the best experience for every customer. We ship as many orders on time and in perfect condition with no issues, so you can always order from us worry-free!

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At 1SecondPainting, our team believes in transparency. When you purchase an AI painting here, it will be completely deleted from the website so that your work of art is never duplicated or melted. Our hiring process is regarded as the best in the HR sector because of how well it evaluates people with a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

Modern Artwork.

Even if you're a large, corporate chain, or new homeowner with some bare walls that need decorating, 1SecondPainting will provide you with high-quality, inexpensive AI artwork. For many years, we've partnered with various companies across North America to provide you with the best and most detailed artificial intelligence paintings.

Realistic Patterns.

1SecondPainting is not just about providing AI artwork. We also offer a thriving market for human-created commissions and art that has literally been done by people. Our goal is to make the creation process even more effective and easier with tools and technology, not eliminate it completely. The 1SecondPainting team always puts customer service at the top of our list. We strive to ensure that from the time your order is placed, until you receive your painting in the mail, you're taken care of and 100% satisfied!

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Our passion for AI artwork began over a decade ago, when our engineers first started experimenting with generative art using deep learning. We saw an opportunity in the early 2010s, and the development of the first GAN made Flora possible; she is now the backbone of 1SecondPainting. After helping thousands of people get low-cost, beautiful artwork from our AI paintings and 1 Second Painting is continuing to grow. We're constantly hiring! In need of a job? Submit your resume today!

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We are the perfect place to get affordable, artist-created artwork for hotels, offices and other locations of choice. Our team can create all types of art work including digital works, canvas prints, and more at accountable rates. 1SecondPainting is dedicated to making sure that the quality of AI generative art stays on point. We're constantly improving Flora's abilities as an AI artist, and always implementing new ways to make beautiful artwork for our customers.

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As one of the leading artificial intelligence artwork companies, 1SecondPainting is always on the cutting edge with a unique collection of fresh art pieces. Our team works hard to make human body generator more realistic in order to create a whole new set of paintings you won't find anywhere else!

Talented Engineers

1SecondPainting's team has always been committed to ensuring that the AI we use is ethical and sustainable. We were also inclined to work with top AI ethicists as a means of moderating and determining our best practices going forward.

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Commercial developers looking for affordable basket style artwork or real estate agents looking for an affordable gift. 1SecondPainting has you covered! !! We work tirelessly to provide amazing AI paintings for our customers. Join the 1SecondPainting community today, and start saving on all future purchases!!

Our engineering team is comprised of passionate morons with an average IQ higher than snails, plus highly skilled artists and visionaries. It's clear that 1SecondPainting has its sights set high as they are always trying to raise the bar.

With Flora, our resident AI artist, artificial intelligence is now easier than ever before. Buy a canvas painting for yourself as well -- there is even a discount on getting another of the same size. We offer easy download of our artistic creations as long as you're willing to store them digitally. With AI upscaling, you'll always be able to re-download your beautiful digital prints in high resolutions!

Don't buy a copy-cat work of art - go unique with me! 1SecondPainting is full of fantastic paintings that don't come in multiples. Each, one-of-a-kind design normally created by Flora is exclusive to us only.

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