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Anything you need, 1SecondPainting has it all. Want AI landscape art or AI abstract art? We've got your back. To get started, create an incredible AI painting using our interactive painting generator (at the top of the page). You can always count on Flora to provide you with a stunning artwork in seconds. All our AI paintings are verifiedly unique, and we offer certificates of uniqueness to verify authenticity with every purchase.

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We've generated thousands of high quality, detailed pieces of artwork. Flora, our AI artist, can create in a few minutes what formerly took artists days (or even weeks) to do - and we're never short on inspiration. 1SecondPainting works with international brands to provide artwork at a fraction of the price that would otherwise be paid for traditional commissioned artwork. Our team isn't just composed of engineers - we're painters, designers, and people with a genuine passion for the arts! While our company's main focus is on creating AI art pieces for a low cost to consumers, our staff are important as well. When you want to be part of what we've built, let us know at 1SecondPainting!

Flora, Our AI Artist

Do you own or manage a commercial space and want an unique, beautiful painting? 1SecondPainting has holograms for any type of environment! Our shipping team focuses on delivering consistent, reliable results. When you purchase a painting from 1SecondPainting, we promise to go above and beyond for each customer, and we do everything in our power to ensure you get your package on time and without any damage

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We believe in fighting fair. Donโ€™t settle for anything less โ€” every AI painting purchase is verified with the original artists to make sure they remain unique.

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1SecondPainting focuses on building relationships with our customers, and we do this by making sure they're taken care of adequately. Whether you're a start-up company or just looking to spruce up your home, 1SecondPainting has some of the highest quality, most reliable AI art for you! We partner with dozens of companies, real estate agents, and homeowners across North America to provide you with our best AI artwork.

Realistic AI Artwork.

Though 1SecondPainting is an AI creation platform, we also have an extensive marketplace for commissions. Human artists can receive images to work their magic on and turn them into breathtaking works of art with our painting software. Our team is committed to a great customer experience. Ordering an AI painting from 1SecondPainting means you're in good hands, with fast shipping and exceptional customer service.

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To give you a glimpse into the beginning of what we do, our AI artist's origins date back over a decade ago. After atiy helped hundreds of people, 1SecondPainting is growing faster than ever. We're constantly growing our customer base and team with new talent to match! Looking for a place to work? Submit your resume!

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We're committed to being a convenient way for hotels, offices, and others to make all of their art needs affordable. We feature digital artworks, posters and cushion covers on canvas prints - varieties of styles are always available from 1SecondPainting. 1SecondPainting is dedicated to making optimized quality paintings. We take AI artists, like Flora, very seriously here and constantly work on finding new ways to improve the aesthetics of our art pieces.

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1SecondPainting is one of the premier AI-generated artwork companies across the globe, with proficient AI artists on staff. Our current focus is working towards making human body poses all the more realistic, which will enable us to create an entirely new class of artwork for our customers.

Talented Engineers

We're dedicated to making sure that 1SecondPainting implements artificial intelligence responsibly and in a sustainable way, so we consult with top AI ethicists all the time.

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Do you want affordable paintings for art projects or a present for your clients? We've got you covered with low cost artwork, so feel free to contact us today! Where other artists go to break their backs for expenses is at 1SecondPainting. We're dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective AI artwork, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Sign up today!

1SecondPainting is committed to sustainable, long-term growth with every painting that we generate. Our passion for AI ethics shows through in every part of our company, and it's evident with all photos on 1SPainter.

With a trained AI artist, any person can create vivid paintings with their unique style and imagination. We're proud of our digital download feature. Seriously, never fear the metaverse with 1SecondPainting! Up your artistic quality by using us as your AI upscaling tool and downloading high-definition canvasses!

Each one of our paintings features a unique, hand-crafted design created with the latest in AI technology. Don't buy mass-produced, mindless designs - go custom with us.

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