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Looking for high quality artificial intelligence artwork? 1SecondPainting has you covered. Our resident AI artist, Flora, creates thousands of paintings in minutes, and every one is unique and one-of-a-kind. Get yours today!


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Thanks for stopping by 1SecondPainting. Our team of engineers have built a strong reputation for our generative art technology, and it's second to none! To get started, simply create a painting using our interactive painting generator (at the top of the page). Our AI artist Flora will begin creating an intricate painting for you in seconds.

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We've generated millions of high quality, detailed paintings. Flora, our AI artist, can create in a few minutes what formerly took artists days (or even weeks) to do, and we're never short on inspiration. 1SecondPainting is also mindful of your budget. We work with multinational hospitality chains to provide unique AI artwork at a fraction of the price of traditional commission artwork. We've got a dedicated team of artists, engineers and people who are passionate about the arts. We're always on the lookout for new hires, so if you're interested in joining us please send your application to:

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For those looking for commercial art, 1SecondPainting is your go-to place. Our shipping team works hard to ensure that you get your package on time, and they do everything in their power to make sure the painting arrives in pristine condition.

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Our team believes in transparency. We make sure you're getting an original work from us, and your painting will be deleted from our database as soon as it's sold. Our hiring program is renowned for selecting only the best generative artwork specialists in the country. Our team is composed of die-hard, passionate engineers and designers who live, breathe, and eat art.

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1SecondPainting is dedicated to building lasting relationships with every customer, whether they're a large corporate chain or a new homeowner looking for some AI artwork to spruce up their bare walls. We work with dozens of companies, real estate agents, and homeowners across North America to provide them with the most astounding AI artwork delivered to their door.

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1SecondPainting doesn't just provide AI artwork. We also offer a thriving marketplace for human-created commission work as well. Our goal is not to eliminate human art, but to empower it with tools and technology and introduce new styles into the industry that will make the process even better. We do our best to provide exceptional customer service. Whether it's ordering an AI painting, or making sure you get your package in a timely manner, the 1SecondPainting team is here to make things as easy as possible for you.

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Our team's passion for AI artwork started over a dozen years ago, when our engineers actually began experimenting with programmatic generative art. We saw an opportunity in the deep learning boom, and the subsequent development of the first generative adversarial network became the basis for Flora, our AI artist. After helping thousands of people get low-cost, beautiful artwork, 1SecondPainting is growing faster than ever. We're constantly working to grow our customer base and our team. Want to work here? Submit a resume!

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1SecondPainting is a fantastic option for affordable artwork. We can provide all the excellent quality and price that you're looking for, including digital artwork, canvas prints, and more. 1SecondPainting is dedicated to being the best AI generative art company. We're constantly improving our AI artist, Flora, and are always looking for ways to make our work better.

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As one of the leading AI artwork companies across the world, we are always looking for ways to make our work more realistic. Our team is currently working on ways to generate a new class of artwork using human full-body poses.

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Whether you're a commercial developer looking for low cost artwork for an upcoming project, or a real estate agent who wants an affordable basket gift for their clients, 1SecondPainting is here to help! We're proud of the work we do and constantly raise the bar for our customer's satisfaction. Since our models are constantly evolving, repeat customers get significant discounts on future products. Join us today!

Our team of engineers is passionate, highly skilled, and committed to sustainable AI. 1SecondPainting's dedication to the future is visible with every painting we generate.

Flora, our resident AI artist, has taught us how to create incredibly realistic artwork in a fraction of the time. Buy any painting on our site and get a second one for half the price! Our digital download feature provides you with high-resolution, detailed AI artwork at a fraction of the cost.

Each of our paintings is unique, and uniquely designed by the 1SecondPainting team. Want a painting that's easy to sell? Go for something simple with us - buy a one-of-a-kind AI artwork from us today!

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