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AI-generated abstract paintings

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With 100% free shipping in all of our delivery zones, we're the perfect place for gifts & decor. 230,431 AI paintings produced to date.

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    Home & Decor

    Unique, AI art is a great way to spice up your living room. It also makes for an affordable realtor gift to new property owners.

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    Offices, Hotels, & Foyers

    Want bulk generative art at reasonable prices, but don't want to settle for mass-produced copies? Get our verifiably unique AI generated paintings for your lobby, foyer, or office.

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    The Perfect Gift

    AI artwork is a great, low-cost option for friends, family, and loved ones. Give the gift of AI generated artwork to your family this Christmas or Valentine's day.

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What people are saying

The brushstrokes are so realistic, it looks like a real painting made by a professional artist! Love this and would definitely recommend buying one.

testimonial Zak B. 346800: Canvas art

Came 3 days early, exceptional quality and vibrant colors. I was hesitant because this is sort of a new thing but the sheer beauty of the AI is amazing.

testimonial Reiner D'Souza 345236: Framed poster

As a digital artist, the fact that this was made by AI is incredible. Absolute top quality and the colors are perfect for NFTs. I liked the old generator but the new one is even better.

testimonial Jonathan C. 341360: Digital download

I never expected a piece of artificially generated art to connect and resonate with me. Once I saw the created piece, I knew I had to have it. The canvas arrived quickly and looked exactly as I hoped!

testimonial Jacob K. 344080: Canvas art

How it's made: abstract AI art using neural networks

1SecondPainting is a deep AI art generator trained on thousands of abstract paintings, including a number of pieces by Pollock, Delaunay, and more. We've improved our model to create life-like abstract art for NFTs, canvases, and more.

Data discovery

Our team found 100,000 world-class abstract paintings and processed each image for clarity, size, and content.


We trained a highly-specific AI art generator on different subsets of the dataset to produce style and quality variation.


With just a click, the neural network can now design unique, creative artwork of many styles in less than a minute.

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