Information for investors

1SecondPainting can currently generate one new painting every 0.173s. Styles include abstract, landscape, and portrait, with plans to expand into every art style within the next 16 months.

Industry Markets

Business→Business (B2C)

1SecondPainting is exploring several B2B opportunities, including:

  • The hospitality industry (paintings for lobbies, offices, foyers)
  • Art showings, auctions, & galleries
  • Major furniture & interior decoration distributors
  • Real estate agency partnerships
A canvas print of abstract art
A canvas print of abstract art
Consumer Markets

Business→Consumer (B2C)

In addition to B2B, there are plentiful opportunities for automated direct-to-consumer sales, like:

  • Commission paintings (canvas, fine paper, digital, & more)
  • Direct-to-garment home decor
  • Automated design for masks, cards, & books
Exponential Growth

State-of-the-Art AI

AI research is growing at an exponential pace. Model sizes, capabilities, and speed are increasing by an order of magnitude or more every few years.

A canvas print of abstract art

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