Procedural art with a twist

New breakthroughs in deep learning are fueling the next generation of creativity. We're applying those developments to art & design.

AI-generated abstract paintings

Commercial market potential

B2B: Lobbies, Real Estate, Designers

Our paintings are more realistic than other image providers, higher resolution than many human-produced paintings, and produced hundreds of times faster than a human artist.

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Consumer market potential

B2C: Homes, Commissions, Print-On-Demand

We use manufacturers with web-accessible printers to automate orders, improve reliability, and ensure fast shipping times. Your design is sent through the cloud to the nearest location, allowing you to order:

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Artificial Intelligence Market

Deep Learning: Explosive Growth

AI research is growing at an exponential pace. Model sizes, capabilities, and speed are increasing by an order of magnitude or more every few years.

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